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Purchasing Your Motor: How RAREL Differs

high shear domestic socket Normally, when you buy an electric motor, you will be asked to decide whether you want it to be flange mounted or foot mounted. Foot mounted is easy to explain. The motor is fixed to a floor or flat surface by two bolted feet, to stop the motor from vibrating or going walkabout. But this is not the only way to make sure that a motor stays correctly aligned to the work it is there to do:

Flange Mounting

A flange is a circular bolting arrangement for anchoring a motor around the diameter of its face. This is useful for people who want to fix the motor directly to the work it is there to do, rather than bolting its feet to a patch of floor adjacent to the work it is there to do.

RAREL Uses BOTH Motor Mounting Methods

The RAREL high shear mixer uses motor feet and a motor flange. To be technical for just one moment, it uses a modified B14 flange and doubles up the usual number of feet from two to four. A standard, unmodified B14 motor flange normally has a raised circular ridge around its face. On the RAREL version of this flange, the ridge has been removed to leave a perfectly machined surface for our mixer features.

To The Enginnocenti

If all or some of the above seems tedious, do not worry. When you place your order for an electric motor with Timely Technology, just ask for BOM Number One, remembering also to name the country in which you intend to operate it. This is because different countries generate different domestic voltages.

The Motor Supplier

Direct your motor questions, purchase orders and cheques to Timely Technology c/o RAREL, Millbank, Kettering Road, Broughton, Northants NN14 1PJ. Email: timelytechnology@high-shear-mixers.eu.

Pricing and Complaints

BOM1 is one of 4 BOMs that you will need to purchase from Timely Technology, once you have purchased and thoroughly read the RAREL Builder Owner Manual (BOWMAN).

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