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high shear domestic socket RAREL publishes easy to read machine maker manuals, variously called Builder Owner Manuals, BOMs or Bowmans. They direct you to readily available components, then explain how you bolt them together, even if you have never held a spanner before. "DIY High Shear Mixers, Homogenisers and Emulsifiers for Survivors" is the first Bowman in a series aimed at cottage industries, laboratories and de-centralised small businesses concerned about sustainability, food miles, crude miles, localisation and the rural economy.

3 hp Single Phase Pop and Swap

Our three horse power systems plug into a domestic single phase socket and the motors, with their motor speed controllers, will unbolt and swap between future systems in the series. You may only need one motor and one speed controller for your small business. The pic shows a 2.2 kW single phase prototype high shear system in testing, against a montage indicating a few applications. Food, beverages, chemicals, paint, ink and labs are all represented. Click the button marked "High Shear" in the left hand column for more details.

A Future in Machines for the Locality

Goods should ideally be produced, processed and consumed locally. But fuel, food and drink are routinely shipped from other continents before we see them. The captain of a gulf supertanker recently proudly said, "my vessel does almost 3 feet per gallon of diesel!" Worse, his cargo of crude oil had yet to be heated to fractionation, consuming yet more thousands of gallons of fuel, before we could watch something expensive trickle into the fuel tanks of our vehicles.

The argument for de-centralised production is thankfully gaining ground. Supermarkets' "Produced Locally" banners have pulling power. But the machines needed for small scale local production, were often designed and priced for larger manufacturers. Small to Medium Size Enterprises ( SMEs ) cannot justify 5000 euros to install a 3 phase electricity supply or 9000 euros for an industrial mixer. Our future lies in redressing the engineering balance in favour of small enterprises. Click the button marked "The Future" in the left hand column for more details.

A Place for the Users to Show Off

We encountered far wider interest from small industries than foreseen. Perfume and flavour houses are among those wanting to trial our high shear mixers, because our mixers dissolve solids without using heat. Household name hotels and hospitals want them for their kitchens. Small businesses making cosmetics report 90% reductions in production time and consistency gains. Manufacturers of mayonnaise, soups, drinks, herbal remedies, tinctures and purees made gains in quality, speed and above all, reliability and cost of ownership.

Many small enterprises, then, helped our flagship work horse, the high shear mixer, homogeniser emulsifier industrial blender, through its trials. It remains for us only to road test the Bowman in our Beta Site Testing Program. Selected beta site participants from diverse industries will feature in the photo album that is our User Forum. Click the button marked "User Forum" in the left hand column for more details.

Getting Your Questions Answered

RAREL operates an off-patent business model, which is explained elsewhere on this website. One of many consequences of this business model is a permanently low headcount, irrespective of turnover. We therefore never want multiple telephone help lines. Instead, we operate a very small team which analyses incoming email queries, then posts responses back to the user, also copying them to our website, if the query proves to be new.

If you have a query, email it to us. You will find the appropriate email address under the "Contact Us" button. Please remember that we keep our organisation tiny, in order to keep your prices affordable. Always check "A Few FAQs" before submitting your query. The Bowman also is a mine of information. Keep it by your side and make it all your own. You might never want a maintenance contract again. Click the button marked "A Few FAQs" in the left hand column for more details.

Where to Buy What You Need

RAREL does not sell machines. It sells knowledge and self sufficiency in the form of a manual, the Bowman, which also gives you open access to our intellectual property. A downside to this is that you have to buy your high shear components from several suppliers, usually those suppliers we worked with and came to respect, during the research years.

Your first step is to buy the Bowman from ourselves. A thorough reading of the Bowman will guide you back to this website to buy the components you need, from a number of suppliers, most of which have been researched over a number of years. Click the button marked "Purchasing" in the left hand column for more details.

The Off Patent and Anti Patent Business Models

The RAREL Business Model sits somewhere between Anti Patent and Off Patent. Traditionally, off-patent has meant one of two things: (a) a previously patented idea has lapsed or run its course. (b) a country or government may elect to by-pass or ignore international intellectual property law in order to deal with a domestic crisis in a cost-effective way. Anti-patent inventors are very rare, but there are one or two patent attorneys who are against patents on ethical and progress grounds.

RAREL, in common with the authors it publishes, takes the view that patents are just one of many obstacles to the rapid spread of affordable technologies for sustainability, de-centralisation and local production. All such barriers need to be removed. Click the button marked "Off Patent" in the left hand column for more details.

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We will always be delighted to receive your emails, but please help us out by being careful when choosing which of our contact email addresses to use. Emails in the English language will usually be answered faster than those in other languages, due to translations.

A poor selection may result in a delay of several days, whilst the email is re-classified and re-routed. Click the button marked "Contact Us" in the left hand column for more details.

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