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High Shear ~ Money

Costing A High Shear System

high shear domestic socket The cost of installing your own RAREL Rules high shear mixer system in an empty room involves far more than the cost of the mixer itself and your overall cost will usually fall into five categories:

1) Making the workspace fit for purpose

2) VAT, if you are not VAT registered

3) Industrial Capital Equipment

4) Skilled labour / tradesmen

5) Delivery / collection costs


When adding up the cost to you of a RAREL Rules high shear mixer, we do not include items 1, 2, 4 and 5 above and some of these can be quite daunting, if you cannot control the costs yourself. For example, walls and floors may need to be lined. Bunding, locks, alarms, warning notices and official inspections / certificates may be required.


Even if you are in the R and D stage and not yet selling anything, we strongly recommend that you register for VAT online. VAT returns online are much easier than on paper and prompt returns result in prompt payments of VAT owed to on your R and D purchases. This makes your research cash go 20% further and, if you religiously put all purchases on a simple spreadsheet as you make them, your VAT returns should take no more than one morning per 3 months, with no money-grabbing accountant in sight!

Industrial Equipment

The RAREL Rules industrial blender is undoubtedly industrial equipment but is unlikely to represent the majority of your setup capital expenditure. For example, a 500L stainless steel vessel alone, is likely to set you back £3,000, unless you are lucky enough to find a suitable one second hand. We know of high shear mixer users who lower their mixers into various forms of plastic containers, such as IBCs, cone bottom tanks and even water butts.

We have serious misgivings about these systems, because they are neither failsafe nor moneysafe. If someone accidentally drops a nail into rapidly rotating equipment, what is going to break? Where are the bits and the nail going to go? What will be the consequences?

Unbunded plastic containment vessels rarely represent wisdom, when the consequences of accidents and catastrophic failures are taken into account. If you can afford to lose the contents of your vessel, when it is pierced by a fork lift or an erratic hook, then you are more fortunate than most.

And irrespective of whether you care about the environment, soil pollution, sewer pollution or the state of the water table, you will probably be traced, prosecuted and presented with a bill for the clean up, if your containment of alien materials is found wanting.

Failsafe containment costs are likely to dwarf your RAREL Rules equipment outlay. In addition, you are likely to need pumps, instruments and control systems.

During these early days of production, we think the RAREL Rules component of your outlay will be under £4,000 in 2014. These costs will be broken down for you later on this page. Remember to offset annual maintenance contract and repair costs quoted by the competition.

Skilled Labour / Tradesmen

At the very least, you will need a qualified electrician to marry your mixer to your speed controller to your domestic electricity socket. Finally, you may want to call in a builder or steel fabricator, to provide for the safe and controlled raising and lowering of your mixer, in a stable harness.

You will furthermore need a stainless steel fabricator with a TIG welder, if the size of your process vessel dictates a side entry configuration. This may not be cheap, if the work has to be done on your premises, as opposed to on the fabricator's shop floor, where he has all his tools, cutters and welders to hand. RAREL offers special help at this point, because fabricators work best when given clear instructions and close guidance.

Delivery / Collection Costs

Delivery & Collection Costs are not capital expenditure and are therefore not considered when totting up your estimated RAREL Rules outlay. You should nevertheless allow for them, because some suppliers can charge between £18 and £40 for carriage.

RAREL Mixer Costs (Estimated) for 2014-2015

BOM1 - Caged Motor Components - £1075

BOM2 - Rotating Components - £575

BOM3 - Bearing Plate Components - £1100

BOM4 - Tools and Accessories - £325

Viton Oil Seals (2) 52x20x7 - £27

BOWMAN - Builder Owner Manual - £277

Threadseal - Loctite 577 - £20

Viton O Rings (5) - BS018FPM - £12

Food Grade Grease - HTG100 100ml - £325

Speed Controller - £280

PTFE Gasket - For RHP Bearing - £25

RHP High Performance Bearing - £47

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