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What RAREL Supplies

high shear domestic socket You will probably only ever buy one high shear mixer element from RAREL and that is the Builder Owner Manual.

Item One: the Bowman

The first item you will buy is the Builder Owner manual or Bowman This easy to understand manual takes you step by step through buying components and spanners, as well as telling you how to build and look after your high shear mixer. It will direct you back to this website so that you can identify the suppliers you need to acquire all the necessary components and the simple tools. You will shortly be able to buy it from eBay for £277. In the mean time, apply by email to

Components From Other Vendors

We want feedback on your transactions with all the other vendors we have selected for you. Were they polite, helpful and quick to respond? Did the goods you purchased from them arrive in good time and in good condition? Were the prices in the right ballpark? This feedback enables us to constantly improve our supplier list.

Soon, You Will Be Able To Buy The BOWMAN from eBay or Amazon

Once the Beta testing of the Bowman is out of the way, you should not have to contact us directly in order to buy The Builder Owner Manual. Going to either eBay or Amazon and typing the keywords "RAREL Rules" should bring you to the items for sale by RAREL. The "Look Inside" feature of Amazon will enable prospective buyers to check out the book before they invest in it. eBay is handy if you like using PayPal.

When To Contact RAREL Sales Directly

Once we have completed the Beta Site testing of the Bowman, you may feel that you need some technical support before investing in the Bowman, even if you have already used the Amazon "Look Inside" feature to examine it in detail. If this is the case, then email your request either to, or use the eBay messaging system. Either route will result in a swift response. If you have a complaint about RAREL goods you have purchased from either eBay or Amazon, channel it in the first instance through the eBay or Amazon complaint mechanisms. Rest assured we will want to talk to you on the phone if a solution is not readily identified.

Lastly, if multiple suppliers appear in a "RAREL Rules" key word search, then it is probable that internet counterfeiters are at work. Whenever you suspect internet fraudsters, email us immediately at We will respond swiftly and clearly.

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