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The Beta Site Contract

high shear domestic socket Like Alpha Site Contracts, Beta Site Agreements are informed by Mutual Non - Disclosure Agreements, wherein both parties agree not to disclose the other's confidential and commercially sensitive information. The close nature of the Beta Site relationship brings both parties into contact with proprietary information which would not normally be disclosed during typical buyer seller trading.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the above protections, Beta Site Clients are required to choose one to three photographs of their RAREL application in action, together with agreed text penned by the Beta Site Client. RAREL advises against this text ( or the photographs ) revealing confidential in-house processes and methods which might be of use to a competitor. RAREL reserves the right to post agreed photos and companion text on its website, in the User Forum section. Whilst this is high profile free advertising, your competitors will be looking for free insights.

The next Step

If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a High Shear Mixer Beta Site Partner, then request an information pack from It does not matter to us how small your company is. We are interested only in the novelty and relevance of your application. However, for time and cost reasons, it may be difficult for us to select Beta Sites outside the UK.

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