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Tools and Technologies

high shear domestic socket This section of the purchasing pages is no less important than the others. It is best referred to in conjunction with your Builder Owner Manual, or BOWMAN. This is partly because this section deals with a number of general purpose tools. It also deals with tools, spares and technologies that were custom made for your RAREL high shear mixer, so that it would be outstandingly easy to build and to own. In all cases, if you are unhappy with the suppliers on this page, email, in the first instance,

Do not assume that you will always re-purchase worn out components from the original supplier, although there is nothing to stop you from so doing. Be aware that the newest source listed by this website may differ from the source listed when you first purchased. This will usually happen because RAREL has gradually become unhappy with the service provided by the original supplier.

If this website does not indicate a source for the specific component you wish to re-purchase, email a Request For Information to You will be directed to the supplier you need. An example might be the Puller-Installer Tool. This is easily lost if not carefully stored but initially comes as part of Bill Of Materials BOM No. 4. It also has a finite life expectancy when repeatedly tightened and untightened. If you have to buy another one, price and delivery can be obtained by emailing your request to

General Purpose Spanners and Hexagonal Keys

These tools are pictured near the front of your Bowman and the relevant pages will soon be viewable using the Amazon "Look Inside" feature, before you invest in your own Bowman.

If you have never used spanners before, then welcome to a more self-sufficient and resilient lifestyle. Or, as the unforgettable Fred Dibnah might have said, welcome to the wonderful world of "mechaniking".

As a footnote, if you have not owned tools before, it may help your confidence to call in a favour from friends who are familiar with their use - and get them to give you a few tips.

Spares and Repairs

Additionally, there are spares, maintenance and repair items that you will need to buy, from time to time. These include oil seals, lubricants and bearings. There is no reason for you to buy them from RAREL, when you can buy them quicker and more cheaply, direct from the various suppliers.

RAREL Food Grade Bearing Lubricant (Tube)

HTG100 Food Safe Grease (8423) 100ml Tube. Contact Bearing Boys, Tel: 01603 720713. Email: Web: You should initially buy 3 tubes of 100ml. This will give you enough to grease the bearings during the initial build, and leave you enough over to perform occasional subsequent lubrication. Each tube should cost you in the region of £8, excl. VAT.

RAREL Food Grade 52 Oil Seal Viton

20x52x7 Viton Bearing SC / R21. Contact Simply Bearings, Tel: 01942 269837. Email: Web: You should initially buy two oil seals - one for the initial build and a spare to be put in a safe and memorable place, still inside its shipping bag. These seals are easily damaged if not stored correctly. Each seal should cost in the region of £12, excl. VAT.

RAREL Food Grade RHP Bearing

NSK / RHP Silver-Lube Bearing PSF20CR with J1020 standard insert. Contact Acorn Industries,, Tel: 01709 789999, Web: Suppliers sometimes claim that this bearing is pre-packed with grease by the factory. Often it is not. Always grease it fully during first build, to be on the safe side. Each bearing should cost in the region of £47 excl. VAT. As always, carriage is EXTRA!

Custom Made Technologies For Your High Shear Mixer

The RAREL Build and Unbuild Tool

This tool was designed by Necessity Green, the author of our first ever Bowman. She designed it in a holistic way, to be integral to the build and unbuild of her high shear mixer architecture. We instructed her that the build procedure had to be available to the intellect of a 12 year old child and that the unbuild procedure had to take no longer than 72 minutes. It is a simple and remarkable example of creative thinking but it will never be cheap, because the Build Unbuild Tool has to be custom manufactured for RAREL at a local engineering workshop. As mentioned earlier on this page, you will initially purchase it as part of Bill Of Materials BOM4.

The RAREL Speed Controller Software Device

This device would usually be installed by your electrician, after he or she has completed the electrical wiring of your high shear mixer. It saves you many hours of learning and study of the inner workings of your speed controller and prevents various kinds of damage to your speed controller in inexperienced hands. The RAREL Software Device is currently part of BOM4, which can be purchased directly from Timely Technology by initially emailing

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