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How To become A Beta Site Customer

high shear domestic socket A Beta Site customer gains early access to our technology and assumes a position of influence in design. We work at chosen Beta Site premises to increase our understanding of new and innovative applications and to perfect the wording and presentation of our Builder Owner Manuals. We may also conduct experiments and tests at our own test site, to understand and refine processes. If you would like to apply to be a Beta Site, Click the button marked "Beta Site" in the left hand column for more details.

How To Apply To Be Published by RAREL

If you are considering becoming a RAREL author, it is assumed that you have browsed this website and broadly approve of our ambitions for sustainability, renewables and localisation. You may not, however, know that the tone of our Builder Owner Manuals is deliberately informal and conversational. For this reason, the published authors of highly academic or established works may prefer to write under a pseudonym, when writing for RAREL. Click the button marked "Authors" in the left hand column for more details.

If You Need Advice On What To Buy

Book sales are uncomplicated and therefore usually take place without problems. Once our Beta Site Testing of the Bowman is out of the way, you will be able to order Bowmans from eBay or Amazon. However, when you receive your stainless components from the stainless reseller, you may find that you have technical questions. Address them to Also use this email address if you have feedback, either negative or positive, about any of the sellers named by this website.

If You Need To Contact Our Accounts Department

EBay and Amazon transactions will proceed without any intervention from our Accounts Department. It is therefore unlikely that you will need to contact Accounts, except during our Beta Site Testing phase of the Bowman. Click the button marked "Accounts" in the left hand column, should you need to contact Accounts.

Was Your Question Not Answered By the FAQs Section?

If you have carefully browsed the FAQs pages and not found an answer to your question, then you will need to email the enquiry to us. We will email a response back to you - and post it to the website, if it is new. Click the button marked "A Few FAQs" in the left hand column to email your question.

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