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Purchasing ~ Manual: Builder Owner Manual or 'Bowman'

Where To Buy The Manual

high shear domestic socket Eventually, you will be able to buy the Bowman from either eBay or Amazon. You will in the future be able to find it with a key word search for either "RAREL Rules" or "High Shear Mixers". The Amazon "Look Inside" feature will enable you to check out the Bowman before investing in it. eBay is handy if you are a regular user of PayPal. The price of the Bowman is the same from both sources and will be fixed at £277.

If you do not find the Bowman on eBay or Amazon at £277, it simply means that the Bowman is not yet in full production, because our Beta Site testing of the Bowman is incomplete. You may still qualify for the Bowman by entering our Beta Site testing program, during which the Bowman will cost £50. Explain your desire to become a Beta Site customer on an email to, providing a little background information about the history of your company, or your aspirations to start a company.

The Bowman and Languages

Unfortunately, the Bowman "DIY High Shear Mixers, Homogenisers and Emulsifiers for Survivors" is currently only available in English. At some point in 2016, the Bowman will become available in Spanish, German, French and one other, as yet unchosen, language. This policy is mirrored by our drive to add languages to this website.

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