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The Aims of the User Forum

high shear domestic socket The User Forum has four main purposes. It is first and foremost a place where people can showcase their company and its products, free of charge, to a community of like-minded Builder Owners and potential customers.

A secondary purpose will underline the flexibility and versatility of the RAREL Rules approach by showcasing accessories and custom add-ons conceived by some of our creative Builder Owners and other collaborators. These innovations will be available to buy directly from them.

The forum will also press home the message of sustainability and localisation, as well as the case for cottage industries and value added farming businesses.

The forum will finally photographically demonstrate the versatility, quality, superiority, ruggedness and reliability of RAREL Rules machines.

We understand the position of our pioneering alpha sites. Why should they broadcast their creativity, even when they have reached full production? It is, however, our hope that Builder Owners who Beta Site the Builder Owner Manual, will be keen to embrace this website as a window on their work.

In the fullness of time, we expect the User Forum to take its place, alongside word of mouth, customer trials and exhibitions, as another way of communicating what we and the Builder Owners do. There follows an introduction to the work of a few users. In the short term, we will be building relationships with our Beta Sites, helping them with their projects and showcasing their work on this website, under several headings.

Food / Drink

The first heading we have chosen is Food and Drink - industries where high shear mixers are used for pulping, homogenising, emulsifying, dispersing, cold dissolving of crystalline solids, and aeration. Such applications will soon be viewable under the "Food / Drink" button to the left.


We are not expecting to find many bulk manufacturers of harmful chemicals among our Builder Owners, with the exception of laboratories within such large companies.

However, we fully expect shortly to be able to show you small Builder Owners making their own organic and eco - friendly perfumes, cosmetics, herbal remedies and tinctures. Such applications will soon be viewable under the "Chemicals" button to the left.


Several of our early collaborators were making their own biodiesel for personal use, from waste vegetable oil. They were using RAREL Rules for as many as 4 aspects of their process.

The first is to high shear salt into the used vegetable oil, to remove water, the number one enemy of transesterification.

The second is to intimately mix a controlled quantity of sulphuric acid, to neutralise any free fatty acids formed during deep fat frying.

The third use is to intimately mix in a controlled quantity of lye and methanol, to break down triglycerides into monoglycerides and release glycerol to the bottom of the reaction vessel. When you use a high shear mixer, this reaction takes place at room temperature, instead of the 50 degrees C needed with a conventional mixer.

The last use is the gentle and careful cleansing of the crude biodiesel with water. This would not be possible without the RAREL Rules speed controller. Click on the button to the left marked "Biodiesel" for news about similar applications.


It is possible that we may never be able to showcase RAREL Rules mixers being used in laboratories. This is because laboratories we meet, tend to be valued and confidential areas within large companies, governed by complex policies.

But watch this space. We are optimists. If we can negotiate photos from Builder Owners in labs, then they will be viewable by clicking on the button to the left marked "Laboratory".


Our Builder Owners are creative. We do not know which new applications they will come up with over the next few years. Whatever we can show you, we will, under the button to the left marked "Other".

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