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Before Anything Else, Buy the Bowman

high shear domestic socket This is the first step. You do not have to commit to a large outlay until you know the machine and the company in great detail. We know of no competitor which releases a Manual to prospective buyers of their machines, BEFORE a commitment to invest in the technology.

A 3 hp ( 2.2kW ) high shear mixer is likely to be the most powerful machine on many small business premises and therefore also the most dangerous in untutored hands. Never forget that these industrial mixer / blenders are designed to crush chicken bones in water to a slurry without faltering!

The Bowman entitled "DIY High Shear Mixers, Homogenisers and Emulsifiers for Survivors" will soon be available from both eBay and Amazon. However, you will not find the Bowman on eBay or Amazon for the next few months. This is because we wish to devote the next few months to the Beta Site testing of the Bowman, using carefully chosen clients, who have no prior knowledge of RAREL Rules mixers. Unfortunately, this excludes ALL of our Alpha Site clients. We want our Bowmans to be readily accessible and comprehensible to the uninititiated, or "enginnocenti". We cannot therefore use alpha sites as our guinea pigs.

Click the button marked "Manual" in the left hand column to apply to buy the Builder Owner Manual at the nominal Beta Site price of £50, instead of the full production price of £277.

As soon as you have read the Bowman, order the Stainless Components

This is a necessary second step, because the stainless components are all arguably specialised and regretably have sometimes to be shipped in by sea. Once they are with the VAR (Value Added Reseller ) who buys and distributes them in Europe, several of the components undergo engineering modifications for our high shear design. As a result, the stainless components may take 4 weeks to arrive, after the date you ordered them. Once you have the stainless components on order, you can relax for a week or so, before ordering the remainder of the components, which should normally arrive within a week. Click the button marked "Stainless Components" in the left hand column to purchase the stainless components.

Purchasing the Electric Motor

Years of research and experimentation led us to settle on this work horse. It is a relatively standard off the shelf 3 hp ( 2.2kW ) electric motor, although our supplier will make two modifications to it before shipping it on to you. These modifications are fairly simple and quick to carry out, so you should normally take delivery in less than a week. Try to order it for about a week before your stainless components are due to arrive, so that your electrician can wire it to the speed controller - also called an inverter. You will also have to ( separately ) buy a RAREL Software Device to be installed in the inverter, before it will do what you need it to do. Details of the RAREL Software Device can be found under the button marked "Other". Click the button marked "Motor" in the left hand column to buy the motor.

Buy the Speed Contoller / Inverter at the Same Time as the Motor

The speed controller is a standard off the shelf item, and should therefore arrive quite quickly after you order it. When selecting your electrician to wire it up to the motor and the domestic mains supply, make sure that he or she has done factory wiring before. A neat way to do this is to ask them whether they are accustomed to changing "star" wiring to "delta" wiring. If they aren't, or don't know what you are talking about, look for someone else, who regularly does wiring work in factories. You do not need to know about "star" and "delta" in order to ask the question. Click the button marked "Inverter" in the left hand column to buy the speed controller. Do not forget that you will ( separately ) need to buy a RAREL Software Device for the inverter.

Other Components and Tools You Will Need to Buy

As well as buying oil seals, bearings, lubricants and a rather clever puller tool, you will also need spanners. The Bowman will walk you through your tool requirement. It is important to look under the button marked "Other", if only to remind yourself of other tools and spares you will need, once you have read the Bowman. Click the button marked "Other" in the left hand column for further essential purchases.

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