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What We Do

high shear domestic socket This website explains how engineers, technicians and non-engineers alike, can build, operate and maintain their own high shear mixers / homogenisers, even if they have never used a spanner before.

The website tells you where to buy the best off-the-shelf components and the simplest tools, delivering to you a state-of-the-art high shear mixer at one third of the market price and at one tenth of the traditional cost of ownership.

Most importantly of all, the site tells you how to firstly buy the Builder Owner Manual, which makes possible all of the above.

Additional Languages Coming Soon

At the moment, the website is only loaded in the English language. Within 2 years, the Spanish, French and German languages will be added.

For the time being, when you click on the German, Spanish and French icons, an "Under Construction" page appears.

If you then click on a navigation button, you will automatically be hotlinked back to an English language page.

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