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High Shear ~ Beta Site Program for Selected Key Players

Why Beta Sites Are Important To RAREL

high shear domestic socket We will never visit the vast majority of our Builder Owners and the reason for this is simple: were we to visit everyone, then we would have to greatly increase the cost of the Bowmans. We do not even make any money or commission from the suppliers we recommend, so the Bowmans represent the bulk of our income.

That said, we will never stop improving our high mixers and to do that, we need to understand how Builder Owners are using them. We cannot do this without peering into the vessels wherein our mixers are working. Furthermore, we are constantly on the lookout for new applications with which we are unfamiliar. In order to understand these new applications, we need to see them in action, governed, where the need arises, by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Finally, we will never stop improving the wording and presentation of our Bowmans. Our internal target is that all Bowmans should be clear enough to enable a child of 12 to build a RAREL Rules high shear mixer. We are not there yet and face to face interaction with Builder Owners is going to help us to reach that point.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our Alpha Sites and RAREL are all governed by tight Non-Disclosure Agreements. These Agreements prevent RAREL from passing on information about the Alpha Sites and prevents the Alpha Sites from disclosing confidential information about our design rules and our prototypes.

When RAREL moved onto the Beta Site phase, the rules became more relaxed because our prototyping was complete. However, Alpha Sites were usually unwilling to immediately become Beta Sites, because it was too early for details of their processes and technology to appear in the public domain, on the RAREL website. Non-Disclosure Agreements still apply during the Beta Site phase but at Beta Site, RAREL is mainly anxious to avoid pre-release of Bowman content. RAREL also requires Beta Sites to supply photographs of their test application, together with a few words about the company and the application.


The main advantage of becoming a Beta Site is that it puts you on the map for future developments and improvements to the high shear mixer and gives you an elevated position for technical support, with direct telephone and visit access to senior technical staff, instead of the standard tried and tested exchange of emails.

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