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In the section "What is High Shear?" that you may have just read on the main "High Shear" page, an emphasis was placed on the room temperature dissolving of hard crystals in a solvent.


high shear domestic socket Dissolving is far from being the only application and it is highly unlikely that RAREL will ever identify them all. Elsewhere on this website, mention is made of homogenisation. Homogenising involves forcing two liquids that really want to exist as two separate layers, to become a single layer. This, particularly in the case of vegetable oil and water, is very easy to do. The mixture is called an emulsion. Emulsions are usually unstable and readily separate back into two layers. Mayonnaise and salad cream are examples of emulsions but they clearly do not separate back into two layers. This is because, before the homogenisation process is commenced, an emulsifier is added. This acts as a bridge between the oil and the water, which really do not want to stay mixed, and bonds them together to create a stable emulsion. High shear mixers are often used to create emulsions of this type. For this reason, they are sometimes also called emulsifiers and homogenisers.


The paper industry is just one example of where high shear mixers can be used to pulverise solids which are contained within a reasonably fluid medium. Although many fine powders seem to behave like fluids, as far as we know, no RAREL rules high shear mixer has ever been tested with fine powders like Magnesium Carbonate or talcum powder.

The paper industry needs to reduce chips of wood to discrete fibres, before the fibres can be processed into paper or cardboard. High shear mixers are sometimes used for this, and the environment in which they work is often chemically very hostile. But pulping occurs in many other industries, such as the food industry and our aim for the future is to embrace as many of these applications as possible, for the small entrepreneur.

The Way Forward for High Shear

RAREL recognises that the RAREL Rules industrial mixer will have to evolve, but it will never be at the expense of very small businesses, laboratories and householders, who wish to embrace localisation and sustainability, whilst at the same time becoming more self-reliant and reducing cost of ownership.

It is possible that RAREL may introduce a kit to extend the reach of the RAREL Rules high shear mixer. It is also possible that we will introduce an "in line" version of the current model. Neither of the above developments will see the light of day unless Builder Owners demand them. All RAREL innovations will use the same motor, mounts and speed controller, so that one motor and one speed controller can be popped and swapped between all future RAREL machines on your premises.

High Shear Design Limits and Warnings

The size of solid objects that the RAREL Rules high shear mixer gobbles and pulps is controlled by design. All the components used are more powerful and rugged than required, in order to promote longevity and reliability. It is unlikely that RAREL will allow objects greater than 10mm diameter to engage with the impellor. RAREL has also incorporated features to help an abused machine fail in a safe way. Never forget that anything driven by a 3hp motor has the power to kill and maim. Hp means Horse Power and 3 hp is equivalent to 2.2kW.

Always remember that rotating shafts are extremely dangerous and need to be fitted with guards, wherever fingers and items of clothing can reach them. Rotating shafts are particularly dangerous under some forms of fluorescent lighting, because shafts can appear stationary when they are turning at speed.

Do not let children anywhere near the place where you have installed RAREL Rules machines. Children must be locked out at all times and the key left where they cannot take it. Also exclude adults who you have not briefed on safety.

There are no design rules we can adopt, which will render our industrial machines perfectly safe. They will often be the most powerful machines that Builder Owners have in a small space. And if you tell children never to visit that small space, it is the very first place on earth they will try to crack open, in order to experiment with electricity, chemicals and finger poking, probably two or three children at a time.

Teach children safety from their year zero and until the day you die. Never wear long sleeves or ties in this work if you are serious about living for a long time.

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