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The Future ~ Wind Power

Wind and Steam Turbines Compared

high shear domestic socket Steam turbines for power generation benefit from multiple vanes per stage and multiple stages. This is done to minimise gaps through which steam can flow without doing any useful shaft turning work. The multiple stages furthermore ensure that work is still squeezed out of tired steam heading towards the exit.

Wind turbines for power generation, on the other hand, seem to have standardised on three vanes on a single stage. There is little to be gained by having multiple stages. Very low power wind turbines DO sometimes exhibit five or more vanes on their single stages. RAREL has carefully researched the reasons for these differences.

Planning Permission and Neighbour Complaints

People understandably say nice things about renewable wind energy but often have an aversion to being able to see or hear renewable energy production, when they are relaxing in their back yards. Even if they cannot TRULY see or hear anything, they will still SAY that they can, because they genuinely fear that the obscure and pointless kiddy windmill on the roof of the house next door, will painfully erode the investment they have made in their homes. At this point, civil servants from the local planning office become involved with astonishing speed and commendable vigour. RAREL has given much thought to this intractable problem.

The Focus of RAREL Research Into Wind Energy

Compared to steam turbines, wind turbines are inefficient, so people mount them as high in the air as possible, in order to catch the best wind. RAREL will focus on how low and how silent they can become, if existing conventions and thinking are challenged. RAREL will also, by instinct, want the technology to be self-build.

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