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Off Patent ~ Old IP May Be Good IP

Building A Better Mousetrap?

high shear domestic socket Patent law is sometimes said to embrace the notion that innovation never occurs out of the blue. It is then asserted that, if you file a patent for an automobile innovation, then your innovation actually rests on the shoulders of many other giants, who can all trace debts of gratitude back to the intellectual giant who invented the wheel. This idea is sometimes unfairly condensed into the "building a better mousetrap" argument, advanced by patent agents, bureaucrats and lawyers alike.

The Role of Vested Interests

This argument is advanced partly because of the way that intellectual property law has evolved, but also because the interests of those involved in the sector often lie in the complex cross-licensing of patents between bickering conglomerates, before any innovation dares to greet the light of day.

RAREL: Researching Retro Patents

RAREL finds that "old and unfashionable" is not necessarily the same as "obsolete and lacking in excellence". Overlooked and lapsed patents may offer advantages over the fashionable in a world dominated by multi - nationals, which stockpile patents as ammunition.

RAREL Innovations

To the old, we then add the new - in the form of our own innovations. But, as explained elsewhere on this site, we do not patent our innovations.

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