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Contact Us ~ Is Your Question Not Answered Within 'A Few FAQs?'

Why So Few Questions?

high shear domestic socket We like to tell ourselves at RAREL that no one asks us any questions, because our Bowmans are self-explanatory. This is unlikely to be true, particularly when a Bowman is young. However, all of our clients so far have been alpha sites and beta sites involving plenty of site visits and hands-on demonstrations. This approach tends to answer questions before they are asked. We suspect that an absence of meetings may give rise to an increase in questions, as we now move towards the general availability phase.

If You have A New Question

Your new and surprising questions will constantly challenge us to refine our designs and improve our explanations of the technology. Please keep your questions fresh and stimulating by first browsing the "A Few FAQs" section, buttoned near the top of this page. If your question is not covered in that section, email it to us at We undertake to respond swiftly by email and post your question to this website as necessary.

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