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The RAREL Business Model and Off Patent Thinking

high shear domestic socket As written elsewhere on this website, the RAREL business model falls somewhere between Off Patent and Anti Patent. Off Patent can imply one of several philosophies, but most commonly refers to the fact that patents have a finite duration. Once they have lapsed, for whatever reason, they can be freely exploited by RAREL and others. Some aspects of high shear mixer engineering were already old by 1939 and any patents once associated with them lapsed long ago. The RAREL high shear design adopts a few of these, where they offer advantages in performance, reliability or quality. Click the button marked "Old IP" in the left hand column for more details.

The RAREL Business Model and Anti Patent Thinking

Historically, several countries (Holland among them) initially refused to endorse patent legislation, because they believed that patents stifled, rather than fostered, innovation. Opinions differ as to why they later relented. Much more recently, other countries, such as China and Taiwan, declined to sign up to treaties on international patents and intellectual property law, because they believed it to be in their interests freely to reverse engineer Western innovations for export back to the West, at prices below Western manufacturers' ability to respond. These examples highlight two very different motives for being against patents and RAREL sides with the old Dutch position. Click the button marked "Anti Patent" in the left hand column for more details.

The RAREL Business Model

RAREL has spent, does spend and will spend many years researching technologies likely to hasten de-centralisation, sustainability renewability and local production. Rather than manufacture the innovative work horses RAREL has in development, it prefers to publish manuals showing people how to make and maintain the machines for themselves, using little more than a small set of spanners. As a second plank of the business model, RAREL rejects the new and negative role of patents in 21st Century business. Patents are now amassed by global corporations as weapons in billion dollar law suits having little or nothing to do with innovation. It seems to RAREL that there is no point in patenting its innovations, unless it is prepared to defend them with money built into extortionate profit margins. Letting people copy our innovations, on the other hand, would make for highly affordable end user pricing. If RAREL REALLY believes in hastening de-centralisation, sustainability, renewability and local production, then the anti patent path is the only path to tread. Click the button marked "Business Model" in the left hand column for more details.

Articles About RAREL and the Ways in which it Differs

Over the coming years, we will reproduce published articles about RAREL and why it does things that are both difficult and different.

We are equally happy to write articles for electronic magazines, if requested so to do.

Click the button marked "Articles" in the left hand column for more details.

A Few Logical Consequences of the RAREL Off Patent Business Model

Because the Business Model for RAREL is not traditional, banks will tend to fight shy of lending money to it. If they DO decide to lend, then their disquiet will be reflected in the interest rates offered. These rates will approach credit card interest rates and for this reason, RAREL is a cash only business, because banks cannot be relied upon to finance its order book. If RAREL follows a more traditional business model and becomes a manufacturer, this would still fail to impress the banks. Although UK manufacturing taxes contribute significantly to Treasury income, UK bank loans to UK manufacturing represent only 3% of the total. Click the button marked "Logic" in the left hand column for more details.

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