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high shear domestic socket Nearly all of the Engineering Authors we talk to have "proper" jobs. They may be university lecturers, technical civil servants in demanding positions, or senior engineers buried in multi-national corporations. A solution is for you to write for us, under a pseudonym.

Our Position

It is not our policy to publish our authors without the prior written consent of their line management. However, we DO encourage potential authors to adopt a pseudonym, often in order to differentiate between their RAREL voice and the formal voice demanded by their positions. The RAREL tone is conversational and informal partly because many of our readers will be unfamiliar with technical terminology. But it is also because the educational strand of our thinking requires us to go into schools and enthuse young people towards a career in engineering, wherein they will BUILD things, rather than going into banking or retail.

The next Step

If you are considering becoming a RAREL author, please submit a ten line CV together with two sentences about your mindset. This is deliberately and necessarily difficult to do. Please email this to Please note that emails to this secure email address are opened and read only by Peter Hammond, the Managing Director of RAREL.

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