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Problems with Patents



Off Patent ~ Business Model: Some Strengths and Weaknesses

Business Models and Bankers

high shear domestic socket The RAREL business model is unconventional and therefore distrusted by bankers and venture capitalists, not least because RAREL also seems to want to support small manufacturing businesses in the UK. RAREL is notionally an independent research and development organisation, which publishes its findings, but it is not as simple as that.

An Image of Conventional R and D

Conventional independent research and development organisations tend to rely on big business and big government for funding and therefore often struggle to retain their independence. For example, elements within the American tabacco industry can still persuade independent R and D facilities to produce 'science' which finds smoking to be neither addictive nor harmful to health. Conventional independent research and development organisations routinely publish their findings, but tend not to rely on publication as a revenue stream.

A way In Which RAREL Might Differ

RAREL behaves like the R and D department of a large manufacturing company until it comes to the manufacture of its intellectual property. Instead of taking out patents on its innovations and selling the manufactures at whatever price the market will bear, RAREL publishes its knowledge in photographic detail, so that the enginnocenti can build the machines for themselves. RAREL provides this at a fraction of the cost from a traditional patent-driven manufacturing company.

RAREL Income from Bowmans

Whereas a conventional manufacturing company may ship a User Manual "foc" with its manufactures, RAREL relies on its Builder Owner Manuals ( Bowmans) as a revenue stream, and the Bowman is purchased well before any component is sourced. We will therefore defend our copyrights and our registered designs.

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