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Off Patent ~ Our Business Logic and Some Assumptions

RAREL and Copyright

high shear domestic socket There are consequences of RAREL's unconventionality and the foremost of these is probably the importance RAREL attaches to copyright. If RAREL allows breaches of its copyright in its Bowmans, it would stand to lose a significant proportion of its revenue stream. Most conventional manufacturing companies might welcome copyright breaches with respect to their User Manuals, as these breaches could be construed as free advertising.

Company Secrets

By turning its back on patents, RAREL increases the importance to itself of many of the other business levers open to it. It diligently guards its CAD, as well as the identities of its suppliers and other contributors.

RAREL and Recognition

As RAREL does not manufacture anything itself, and cannot therefore badge its own intellectual property, RAREL registers and defends its designs, because it still wants people to recognise its intellectual property, wherever it is seen, irrespective of whose badge may rightfully appear on it, as the builder.

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