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Purchasing ~ Stainless: 304-316 Components and Gasket Set

Where To Buy The Stainless Components

high shear domestic socket RAREL worked with many suppliers over several years whilst researching and designing the high shear mixer. The stainless steel components have to be sourced from many manufacturers in several different countries. It would be very inconvenient for our Builder Owner clients to deal with so many companies in so many countries. We therefore, as far as it was possible, brought the stainless steel components under one roof. Timely Technology is a small steel stockist whose job it is to ensure that stainless steel components ordered from it arrive at builder owner clients' premises within 4 weeks of being ordered. You can place an order by post to Timely Technology, c/o RAREL Main Office, Millbank, Kettering Road, Broughton, Northants, NN14 1PJ, UK. Alternatively, you can send your order by email to timelytechnology@high-shear-mixers.eu. All queries, technical questions, requests for quotes and order progress requests should be emailed to timelytechnology@high-shear-mixers.eu. If, however, you have a complaint about the service or goods you have received from Timely Technology, please email your complaint to sales@high-shear-mixers.eu, so that RAREL can intervene to fix the problem for you.

Always check the current price for the 4 Bills Of Materials from Timely Technology. The price of stainless steel varies considerably from month to month and Timely Technology prices have to reflect these changes - both upwards and downwards. The price of the pallet of the 4 BOMs is currently in the region of £3,000. Carriage is £25-40 within the UK. Some of the components Timely Technology buys in for us are on 8 week lead times. Others are only manufactured for only a few months of the year. Several require substantial machining by Timely Technology before they meet RAREL's specifications. We have put Timely Technology in place, so that clients do not have to deal with any of these problems. We require Timely Technology to keep long lead time components in stock at all times, so that no order for stainless steel components from one of our Builder Owner clients, takes longer than 4 weeks to arrive.

Where To Send Cheques

All sales are by cash in advance. You can pay Timely Technology by cheque or by electronic transfer. Cheques should be made out to Timely Technology, c/o RAREL Main Office, Millbank, Kettering Road, Broughton, Northants, NN14 1PJ, UK. Alternatively, you can request the bank details of Timely Technology by email to timelytechnology@high-shear-mixers.eu. This will enable you to electronically transfer the amount quoted to you by Timely Technology. This is around one week quicker than sending a cheque.

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