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Purchasing ~ RAREL-Compatible Inverter

Purchasing Your Inverter / Speed Controller

high shear domestic socket The RAREL electric motor is quite a technical motor and therefore needs a speed controller. Your electrician will wire the motor to the speed controller and then connect the speed controller to your domestic electricity supply. The motor cannot be wired directly to the domestic supply, so the inverter / speed controller is not optional.

Your Electrician

You must ensure that your electrician is qualified for electrical work in factories. It is not sufficient that he or she knows about domestic electrical wiring. The RAREL motor is too technical for domestic electricians. Your electrician can email us for drawings and information at sales@high-shear-mixers.eu

Your Supplier

Buy your SKCD200220 Commander SK Emerson / Control Techniques Inverter / Speed Controller from Transpower Drives, Tel: 01933 441101, Email: sales@transpower.co.uk, Web: www.transpower.co.uk. Remember to name the country in which you intend to operate your speed controller. They will assume the UK unless you state otherwise.

Pricing and Complaints

The price of your speed controller should be in the region of £280 excl. VAT. If you have a complaint about the vendor of your speed controller, email your complaint to sales@high-shear-mixers.eu

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